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   Multi Project Wafer (MPW) puts many Ұ designs adopting the same flow on the same wafer for trial fabrication. Following the production, each Ұ design can have tens of pieces of chip samples, which is enough for experimenting and testing at the prototype design stage. The production expense will then be shared by all the MPW-participating projects, according to the chip area; as a result, the cost will be just 5%-10% of the separate prototype production cost, thus greatly lowering the product development risks, the threshold for nurturing Ұ design talents and the threshold for the initiation of small and medium-sized Ұ design enterprises.
   MPW program has become very popular in many countries and regions leading the Ұ research, as well as major foundries boasting advanced processing in the world, thus giving birth to many small and medium-sized Ұ design enterprises and a large Ұ design workforce while promoting a large number of far-slighted Ұ design projects to the market. The prosperity of Silicon Valley and Hsin Chu can also be attributable to this.
   The total production value of the Ұ industry in the Yangtse Delta Region accounts for 60% of the whole country. The Ұ industry in Suzhou has become very important in the region thanks to its location in the vicinity of Shanghai. In recent years, Suzhou has witnessed a fast development of the Ұ foundry and packaging industries. In view of this, SZҰC has formally initiated the MPW service program to carry out a large-scale MPW program against multiple processing lines, build and put into use MPW public fabrication platform and service system, and help the enterprises to engage in small-batch production and fabrication service:
  • Provide many foundry partners interface design service. Assist and provide the design enterprises with all kinds of design library, design rule, design model, IP library and Design Kit for various processes.
  • Construct a foundry process-Shuttle fabrication service system and carry out MPW fabrication service independently.
   The MPW program will directly face the industrial and educational circles. At present, SZҰC is an exclusive agent of the MPW service at the 0.35 um node of HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and an agent of MPW service at the 0.18um, 0.25um and 0.35um nodes at Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Company, Limited.
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