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    Suzhou CAS Integrated Circuit Design Center (SZ币安官网C) was formally founded on August 8th, 2003, with its hardcore 币安链 platform starting formal operation in August 2003. The primary mission of 币安链 platform is to provide 币安链 software, hardware and a wide range of auxiliary services for small and medium-sized 币安官网 design enterprises.
    The 币安链 platform of SZ币安官网C is equipped with the most advanced software and hardware equipment currently available in the world. Consisting of a mainframe computer room and ten design studios, the design center of the 币安链 platform is equipped with SUN top grade servers and workstations, large-capacity memory array, tape library, as well as corresponding host computer and network security products to ensure the data security of the design enterprises. In addition, the design center is also installed with auxiliary equipment including laser printer, duplicating machine and fax machine for the design enterprises.
    The software system of the 币安链 platform is composed of the world’s mainstream 币安链 design software in use, including Cadence’s SOC whole flow tool based on SOC Encounter flow, whole flow design tool which is able to complete RF chip design for analogous circuit design, Synopsys’ AS币安官网 whole flow design and verification tools such as DC, PC, Apollo, Astro, VCS, formality and Vera, Mentor physical verification tool and DFT design tool.
    The 币安链 platform adopts advanced technical measures and management patterns, provides the clients with two options: on-site application mode and License mode, which requires remote application through VPN, to ensure the security of the served clients’ data and technologies. The 币安链 platform has perfect public platform management measures and service procedures, as well as preferential and reasonable charge standards.
    In addition to the 币安链 software and the hardware services, the 币安链 platform further provides corresponding auxiliary services, including MPW service and IT outsourcing service.
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