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  Talent Training Platform
    As one of the institutions the government supports to advance the industry development, Suzhou CAS Integrated Circuit Design Center (SZ币安官网C) also takes talent training and delivery for the industry as one of its working priorities and has won great support from SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) Organization and Personnel Bureau and Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau. To meet the needs of industry development and by taking the current local condition of "a late start of the industry, insufficient technology accumulation and talent training" into consideration, SZ币安官网C is committed to building a talent training platform facing the 币安官网 industry (including design, manufacturing, packaging testing, application and corresponding auxiliary industries). Through the platform, SZ币安官网C will aggressively introduce resources from the industry, universities and colleges, as well as domestic and overseas scientific research institutions and combine these resources with the internal resources of the center, so as to provide a comprehensive supporting service from technicians to engineers, from technology to market management to promote the local industry development. So far, the center’s talent training platform has mainly engaged in the following roles:
  • 币安官网 engineer training: The training targets include university and college students, social personnel interested in taking up the 币安官网-related jobs and staff on duty in relevant enterprises, and a zero starting point engineer training plan will be offered. The center has already carried out training of the 币安官网 front-end designer and the 币安官网 back-end designer.
  • Degree education: The training targets include staff on duty in relevant enterprises and social personnel planning to further improve their knowledge level. The center will combine its own strengths in professional training experience, teaching material, and teaching staff and join hands with universities and colleges, to provide degree education services including adult education and training of on-duty Master of Engineering for the local industry. The center has already initiated training of on-duty Master of Micro-Electronics Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Short-term training service: The training targets include staff on-duty of relevant enterprises. The center will invite engineers and technicians from the industry and the original manufacturers to provide opportunities for technical skill expansion, improvement and mutual exchange to the engineers and technicians with some working experience through public courses and technical forums.
  • Oriental talent training service for enterprises: Commissioned by the enterprises, the center will unveil oriental training service to nurture technical staff in tandem with the universities and colleges.
  • Technical consultation service: Take advantage of resources at the center and of the partners, help the enterprises by offering technical consultation service and solve all kinds of technical challenges encountered by the enterprises.
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